Winter Cleaning

by / Monday, 03 November 2014 / Published in News

Winter is right around the corner, you can already feel the cold weather and the feeling of staying home, relaxing, and watching a movie under a nice warm blanket. Before the real cold weather hits we have to make sure that our home is nice and clean to be ready for this season. There are 3 important things that must be cleaned in your home without a doubt!


1. Make sure to change the furnace filter and make sure its clean.

2.Deep clean your carpet and floors! Make sure that all carpets and floors are cleaned from any dirt, or any other things specially if you have little ones with allergies.

3. Make sure to dust everything in the house! It is important to make sure that you have a nice dust free home specially if you know you’re going to be indoors most of the winter.


As long as these 3 things are checked off of your list you should be fine. If you want to go all out and deep clean your whole home contact us at R&M Cleaning Service and we can easily take care of it for you.