Window Cleaning Tools

by / Monday, 17 February 2014 / Published in Uncategorized

Kitchen cleaning can be time-consuming housework, but not much inspires more pride in your home than clear, streak-free windows. These supplies make the work easier and faster, so you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the view.

These are the following items you’ll need to keep the cleanest windows:

A Squeegee– Not just for the gas station anymore, home squeegees are a great way to clean the windows in your house or apartment. Available fairly inexpensively at most home stores and online, these make scraping your windows – interior and exterior – a lot easier. Many come with extensions to help you reach higher windows, and you can buy replacement rubber blades so your squeegee is always ready to go.

Sponge or Scrubber- If you have many large panes of glass, a scrubber you can attach to your squeegee is worth the extra money. If your home has divided or smaller windows (inside or out), you’ll do just fine with a porous handheld sponge for scrubbing. For higher outside windows, you can even use a clean, new rope mop – just don’t use one you’ve used on your floors, unless you want to double your work.

A Bucket- In order to pick up whats left from the squeegee blade and sponges, this item is needed for all of the waste.

Spray Bottle- For quick clean-ups, it’s helpful to keep a spray bottle of cleaning solution — either store bought or homemade — that you can spray on smudges and smears. Wipe down immediately with your newspaper, and you won’t need to rinse with water.