We provide elderly local house cleaning services. We provide  specialized house cleaning services to assist the care taker or assigned person in the task of cleaning. We understand that it is a large enough responsibility to personally care for some individuals who are ill and/or have some type of handicap and this is where we come in.

      Our cleaning company will assist in cleaning (deep or basic, one time or continuous maintenance) to enhance the living conditions and the work environment for the individuals in the situation of home care. Our friendly, experienced, and hard working staff can work with minimal to no supervision to complete the needed cleaning tasks of the home. We can dust, do your carpet cleaning, window cleaning, oven cleaning, restroom, shower cleaning, and all the other arduous tasks that are tough to take care of after such a mentally and physically exhausting day with your patient and/or family member.

       Our mission is to make an all around positive experience for all involved. When it’s time to go home, if you are not a live in, for you to leave with as smile.