Pack Rat Resolution

by / Tuesday, 07 January 2014 / Published in News

Every now and then we run into a good couple of people that always need help because they live with someone that is a pack rat. A pack rat is someone who keeps everything they have ever owned even if it is broken or they never use it. Every time a pack rat is in the house whether it’s the parents, the kids, or another relative living in the house, something needs to be done to get rid of their useless things and help them get over them. Sometimes it’s not even a pack rat that could be in the house, it can be a person that just has bad habits, either way it is not acceptable to try and be comfortable in your house with a mess of useless stuff laying around you. Eventually all of those useless things will build up and you could live in your own world where every one of your belongings get lost in a giant ocean of your own useless items. No need to worry, we have some tips that can help you get rid of your all of those problems before they turn into a catastrophe. First off you need to make sure that you get rid of your bad habit, knowing that this step is going to take a while make sure you practice cleaning the house and don’t try to rush your bad habit from going away because that can make things get worse. Second thing, schedule cleaning sessions so that you can get a feel of what clearing filled spaces in your house is like. Finally, after you get over the bad habit of keeping everything, repeat the second step and try to maintain things organized to keep a clear floor and prevent any missing items that you might need in the future. If you don’t have enough time or can’t physically do these things yourself just contact us at (805) 604-0791. We will be able to keep your home nice and clean.