Living Room Cleaning Tips

by / Tuesday, 07 January 2014 / Published in Uncategorized

When ever there is company that goes over your house which is the first room they see? The living room is the most important room to have clean because it’s the room everyone sees first. It’s like making a first impression if it’s their first time going into your home. It’s not that difficult keeping this part of your home clean either. One can start off by dusting the portraits and vases everywhere and remove all of the couch cushions and get them ready for a good vacuuming. If you have wood floors it’s just a matter of polishing it then doing the same to all of the wooden furniture. Next vacuum the entire room, and sweep ceiling corners and keep an eye out for any more dust or even cob webs. The other things you can dust and wipe down are; the TV screen, VCR’s, DVD players, and any other electronic items. Finish it up with a good mopping, if you have carpet then simply give that carpet the best vacuuming it can possibly get. Otherwise Contact us at (805) 604-079. We can make sure that living room is up to cleaning standards.