Kitchen Cleaning

by / Friday, 13 December 2013 / Published in News

A kitchen is a very important place to keep clean, but there are 3 main things that should remain clean at all times. The stove, the oven, and the refrigerator. The stove can be easily cleaned, every week remove all of the burners and leave them soaking in a hot soapy water bath. Then clean the area where the burner was with a rough sponge, or rag. Later remove the burners from the hot water and dry it with a rough rag to make sure all the greases and oils are properly removed and its like you have a brand new stove in the end. Another thing is the oven, this is a tricky place to clean because it’s harder to see the grease or oil towards the back. It’s as easy as buying an anti grease product and spraying the inside of the over while its off, then letting it sit for ten minutes. Once the grease is accumulated use a damp rag and give it a rinse, then dry. If the spots don’t come off the first try just repeat the process. Finally the most important thing to keep clean in the kitchen is the refrigerator. Everything could be in tip top shape in your kitchen but if the only thing that actually holds the food you eat in your home isn’t clean then there is a problem. A good way of keeping a clean refrigerator is to put a layer of plastic mats on each shelf in case there is a spill. Using baskets can keep your fridge organized and easier to find where things are, using these tips will help you keep a clean kitchen.