Dealing with Allergens

by / Monday, 19 May 2014 / Published in Uncategorized

When someone in the house has a certain allergy it is important to make sure that the allergen is removed immediately from the home. In the case where the allergen is dust or any form of pet hairs, the best idea would be to keep the house as clean as possible and remove any traces of those hairs or  dust so that the person will not have a reaction if there were any form of allergens in the house. Keep the windows closed and the air conditioning on. A cool house keeps humidity low, which in turn slows down the growth of mold and mildew. Another way to cut down on airborne allergens is to vacuum and wipe out vents and registers around the house. Here at R&M Cleaning Service we can make it so that your home is tip top and here will not be any sort of allergens as long as the advice given to you is followed.