Carpet Cleaning Tips

by / Tuesday, 12 May 2015 / Published in News

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Most people who have carpets in their homes have to do just few things in order to keep their carpets clean – vacuum cleaning and sometimes washing the carpets. However, there are situations in which the usual carpet cleaning routine cannot help them remove all the substances that accumulate on the floors. This is especially true for the rooms which are used more frequently. Of course, the situation is similar when we are talking about office space too. Now let’s take a closer look at some of the most useful carpet cleaning tips.


The first tip is obvious – using a vacuum cleaner. Even if you believe that you are using this cleaning method very often, try to practice it more frequently. This routine will help you remove the dirt, dust, hair and other unwanted particles from your carpet and keep the area in and around the carpet clean. Besides regular vacuuming, try to take off your shoes when you enter your home and leave them close to the door. In this way you will avoid spreading mud, debris and other dirt you’ve picked up with your shoes on your carpets. This practice will ease your vacuuming efforts and you won’t have to think about deep carpet cleaning.

Avoid liquid detergents

Another good tip is to avoid using liquid detergents on your carpet. Liquid detergents which are usually used in carpet cleaning machines act as gathering points if they are left untreated. So, instead of cleaning your carpets you will attract more dirt. Try to use detergents used for dry cleaning which can be easily found in local stores where vacuum cleaners are sold. In order to remove the traces of liquid detergent that may be left in the carpet use a steam cleaner. Don’t forget ot use a mixture that contains ½ cup of vinegar and 10 liters of water as a cleaning product.

Carpet cleaning products

It is always a good idea to have several different carpet cleaning products in your home, so you can remove carpet stains. Some of them are really simple like using mineral water for example. Mineral water can be used for removal of wine stains on the carpet. There are few other home products that can be used for cleaning the carpet. Of course, the most effective ones are a little bit expensive.

Use a professional carpet cleaning service

Although the tips we have mentioned here will help you maintain your carpet’s cleanness on a high level, the fact is that not all of us have the necessary time to clean the carpets so often. This is why many people and businesses decide to use professional carpet cleaning services. These services are popular because have the necessary knowledge and experience, they can save your time, perform thorough cleaning and they can restore the natural beauty of your carpet.

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